This is the group photo taken at the Reunion.  The image will display after a short delay.  Point at a persons face with the mouse to see their name below the picture  Please bring any errors to the attention of the webmaster.

Tara Zimmerman Nancy Coleman Troutman Annabelle Coleman Gordon Coleman Lew Miller Eleanor Lewis Miller Chester Coleman Helen Coleman Tennis Violet Artz Vera Coleman Ronald Ray Coleman Marcella Dougherty Coleman James Ronald Coleman Vicki Stover John Austin Jon Stover Eva Beury Alyce Klock Fred Klock Pam Austin Laura Willier Harry Willier Ralph Scheib Alice Shertzer Linda (Coleman) Zimmerman Carl Zimmerman Leroy Schwalm Joyce J. Schwalm Dick Johnson Mary Ellen Johnson Dean Johnson Vaughn L. Schwalm Gary Coleman Eddie Coleman Deana Coddington John Coddington Mike Troutman Penny Troutman Gatlyn Troutman Gavin Troutman Daniel Troutman Bob Holzinger Carole (Coleman) Holzinger Sharon Fry Ed Fry Daniel I. Troutman II Alicia Troutman Bobbie L. Harner Anna Ebert Harner Elaine Moran Doug Moran Jean B. Smith